Selling a home

Time to see your HOME through the Buyers Eyes.

Its not doubt, over the years, you’ve grown quite comfortable with your home’s little imperfections; the hole in the screen door, the chipped paint on the baseboards. Time to grab a Clipboard & take a tour of your home. 

GET RID OF THE CLUTTER Your house will feel a lot bigger & more inviting when you get rid of all the non-essential stuff lying around your house.  Clear out those closets, remove bulky, unused furniture & rearrange the remaining pieces to make the best us of space.  Fight your inner-pack rat at every turn.  If you haven’t used something in the past year, toss it, donate it to charity or sell it in a yard sale. 

CLEAN EVERYTHING Cleaning is the single most cost effective way to make your home more attractive to buyers.  Floors, windows, walls, doors, baseboards, EVERYTHING!  Give extra care & attention to the two most important rooms in a buyers mind: bathrooms & kitchens.  Once it’s clean, keep it clean. You never know what day your ideal buyer will visit. 

REPAIR AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WITHIN REASON During your “home tour” identify anything that’s broken, half-finished or simply doesn’t work.  Fix all the little things like leaky faucets, doors that squeak or that don’t close properly & small cracks in the ceiling.  Some repairs are absolutely vital, like a leaky roof or basement. 

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PAINT Strong colors on the walls or wild wallpaper make it hard for buyers to imagine their furniture in your house.  Consider repainting your home in bright, neutral colors that will enhance a rooms size & look more inviting.  Next to cleaning your home paint is the most cost-effective way to increase your home’s appeal & attract offers. 

IMPROVEMENTS VS POTENTIAL RETURN You need to consider two things before making any improvements.  Will this make my home more desirable to buyers & will this increase the value of my home more then it costs?  Painting, lighting, minor repairs & modest landscaping work are prime examples of improvements that really pay. 

LOCK AWAY VALUABLES Most people are decent & honest but it’s wise to stash valuables like jewelry, cameras & other small valuables as added security. 

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There certainly is some preparation involved in selling your home, but don't be discouraged, Lisa has an eye for what is value added.  

The First Step is to have a Comparative Market Analysis done on your home.  

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